Cardiac concern has become a specialty in India with names such as the Escorts Heart Institute and Research Centre, All India Institute of Medical Science and Apollo Hospital becoming names to consider with.They mingle the latest innovations in medical electronics with unparalleled proficiency in leading cardiologists and cardio-tho-racic surgeons.These centers have the characteristic of providing,

ample cardiac care spanning from basic services in precautionary cardiology to the most complicated healing technology. The technology is modern and world class and the volumes handled match international benchmarks. They also specialize in offering surgery to high risk patients with the preamble of innovative techniques of plainly insidious and robotic heart surgery package India.

Celebrated Indian hospitals like Apollo and Escorts Heart Institute today, are outfitted to handle all phases of heart diseases from the basic to latest clinical procedures like interventional cardiac catherisation and surgical cardiac transplants. Their achievement rate at an average of 98.50 per cent is at per with foremost cardiac centers around the world.

Principal heart centers like The Escorts Heart Institute have Cardiac Care Units with urbane equipment and investigative facilities like Echocardiography with colored Doppler, Nuclear Scanning and Coronary Angiographies.

The Jayadeva Institute of Cardiology in Banglore, the Cardiology Hospital in Kanpur, the Heart Hospital in Calicut and the Sree Sudihindra Medical Mission Hospital in Coaching are some hospitals in India dedicated utterly too cardiac treatment package India. Heart care package India includes the following

- Stress/Resting Thallium
- Cardiac CT-Calcium Scoring
- Coronary MR Angiography
- Multi-Gated Radio nuclear Ventriculography
- Dual Head Gamma Camera Interventional Cardiology
- Coronary, Carotid, Renal, Peripheral Angiography
- Coronary, Carotid, Renal, Peripheral Angioplasty
- Stenting
- Balloon Mitral, Aortice & Pulmonary Valvuloplasty
- Rotational and Directonal Artherectomy

For check up packages the following tests are conducted
• Doppler Studies
• TEE Echo
• Stress Echo
• Holter